"two things to remember in life "

"two things to remember in life

take care of your thoughts when you are alone .

take care of your words when your are with people "



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aging news

SENS Research Foundation — MitoSENS Mitochondrial Repair Project | Lifespan.io Crowdfunding Campaign

Published on Aug 26, 2015

Lifespan.io Campaign Link: http://www.lifespan.io/campaigns/mito…
At the SENS Research Foundation, we are working on creating an innovative system to repair mitochondrial mutations and thus prevent / reverse age related damage. This video, with Drs. Aubrey de Grey and Matthew O’Connor from SENS, explains the overall project. Please subscribe, share, and fund our Lifespan.io campaign today!

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lifespan…


The mitochondria is the power plant of the cell, and as we age accumulated mutations in the mitochondrial genome result in a damaged system and an increase in oxidative stress throughout the body.

At the SENS Research Foundation, we are in the early stages of creating an innovative system to repair mitochondrial mutations. If this project is successful, we will have demonstrated, for the first time, a mechanism to render the mitochondrial genome redundant by creating a “backup copy” in the nuclear genome. The development of this technology will be a major milestone in the prevention and reversal of aging in the human body.

Successfully completing this project will mean that we have developed a groundbreaking method that will provide us with the capability to safeguard the mitochondrial genome by creating a backup copy in the nuclear genome. The overall goal will be to test this improved targeting technology so that it can be optimally refined for use in rescuing mutated mitochondrial DNA, and thus prevent and cure what may be one of the major causes of cellular aging.

Your support will help take us there.

watch  the video

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